WARNING: Spoiler Alerts


It does! I don’t know about you, but for me there is NO  bigger time waster than AfterEllen.com. I’m usually on that site looking for something very specific, an hour later I’m still there learning the plot twists to a show I’ve never heard of in the UK. This undoubtedly leads to me rushing off to find it. This by no means is a complaint. That being said, I had the pleasure of coming across a very juicy tidbit that had me squirming with joy hoping my coworkers were too engaged in their own time wasting to notice. I’m going to save my juicy little news for later as I discuss Lost Girl.

I’ve written some LG fan fiction and I find that my readers are both fans of show and total novices. You don’t need to be a connoisseur to appreciate Doccubus, but I encourage all who have not seen it to take a gander. I think I should also take a moment to note how important this show is the LGBT community as well as the feminist community. I know, gasp, LG is feminist friendly? Yes, it is. There is no greater example of that then in the season finale of season 2 when Bo grabs Lauren and plants one on her ordering her to stay safe just before running off into battle. You can go through the annals of TV from its inception and you’ll see that has practically NEVER happened. Even today you’ll be hard pressed to find strong female heroes. I cringed during Bo’s necessity for Dyson’s help with her cravings fearing they would disappoint me by inferring that a woman couldn’t possibly be strong and heroic without the necessity of a man. The writers managed to skirt their way right around that issue and I sang their praises from the rooftops.

LG is doing what Xena never could and what Buffy only tried (not to mention the scores of show that just didn’t have “that thing” and failed). As before stated, I keep waiting for Lauren to be conveniently missing and for Bo’s bisexuality to be lost in the fae sauce, but then they do something like have Bo and Lauren date exclusively in season three. Way to go!

That does bring me to my news. Based on the shows pattern, Bo seems to pendulum between Lauren and Dyson. With Lauren being the reigning queen of season three it only stands to reason that it’s Dyson’s turn in season four. However! There have been reports that….Wait for it…Mia Kirshner will be in season four. Yes, The L Word’s Jenny fans, there are confirmed reports (and tweets) that she will be on the show. I can only assume that it’ll be in a gay capacity. Mia is currently on Syfy’s Defiance and that plot has taken a decidedly lezzie turn. If you look through her IMDb page, I’m not too far off the mark in my assumption.

Liebert & Kirshner
Liebert & Kirshner

Also throw into the wonderful LG season 4 mix, is Ali Liebert yet another Canadian lezzie fav. of Bomb Girls fame. This makes me worry about the fate of Bomb Girls season 3, but one issue at a time.

Either way it’s always good to see them both and I am looking very forward to seeing the new season of LG. Let’s hope that they keep it as gay as it’s always been!