So I’m watching season one episode eleven of the US adaptation of Mistresses as we speak. I’m so annoyed to be seeing what it is I knew would happen all along. I know, counterproductive, but hell I’m human! I’ve watched the UK version of this show, which I do prefer, but the adaptation has been good about changing the plot points so I figured it was worth watching.

Mistresses UK 2008
Mistresses UK 2008

In this version the “playa” of the group is Josslyn. She’s the sexy, man-eater that doesn’t need a relationship to be happy. Just like with Jessica in the UK version, she jumps from guy to guy and prides herself on not having any attachments. That’s all fine and dandy. In the US version, very much like the UK version, Josslyn meets her match and considers changing her philandering ways for what? A woman! (Gasp!)

Mistresses US
Mistresses US 2013

I enjoy both these story lines, despite their differences. What I’m taking issue with right now is Josslyn cheating on her now girlfriend with her male boss. That is NOT how the story ended in the UK version. Creative license aside, here is my issue: We have not had enough LGBT content featured on network television (or cable for that matter) for lesbians to be cheating with men or gay men cheating with women or any other thing of the type. Call me overcritical, but LGBT characters and relationships are very new to television, its too soon to muddy these fresh new waters.

Playing devils advocate to my own severely biased perspective, the question has to be asked: So would it have been better if Josslyn cheated with a woman? The answer for that has to be both yes and no. While I don’t condone cheating of any type, as a dyed in the wool, lifelong lesbian, its worse when a homosexual cheats with a member of the opposite sex. I have absolutely no way to explain why, its just how I feel. I have gotten into this debate on several occasions with both my straight and gay friends and I usually get mixed reactions with people agreeing wholeheartedly or adamantly disagreeing.

So I turn the question to my readers: Is it worse when a homosexual cheats on their partner with a member of the opposite sex?