As a semi-former Christian and someone with a BA in political science, the same sex marriage debate has a very personal meaning for me. For years after I first realized my sexuality, I grappled with the lessons I’d been taught my entire life in church.

I’m older and wiser now in regard to both matters of the heart and religion but there are moments while in a heated debate with a devout Christian that I can experience moments of doubt in regard to things I’ve come to believe. Namely, as homosexuals we were born this way and I do not believe that God hates us for that reason.

This doubt that rears its ugly head at the moment inconvenient of moments comes from just not being able to articulate myself correctly. I know scripture, I know science, but when I’m feeling attacked all the wonderful things I’ve learned go flying out the window. I can’t imagine what politicians go through in regard to the same sex marriage issue, especially those who have changed their minds in this ever changing climate.

That brings me to the video below. It’s simply a pastor asking the Australian Prime minister a pointed question. Never have I seen it answered with such grace, aplomb and poise. So I decided to share.

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