Each holiday season I try to do a green DIY project. Last year in my Green Christmas – DIY Style post I talked about using scrap fabric to wrap the gifts instead of paper as well as making gifts instead of buying them.

This year I’m also reusing, or up-cycling, a commonly thrown away item. Toilet paper rolls! I know, sounds kind of gross, but each year we throw away tons of card board (paper). I decided to use it for something festive and keep it out of a landfill. At least for a little while longer.

DIY Christmas

It’s Easy!

1. Flatten and divide roll into 5 equal sections. (The measurements will vary by the size of the roll)

2. Cut

3. Staple the each end of the cut out sections to each other. I used a standard, office issue stapler.

4. Once the sides are stapled arrange the structure into a star.

5. Pull the sides of each section apart and done!

*Each roll makes one ornament

You can paint or decorate your ornaments are you see fit. I left mine as is to give them a bit of a vintage feel and to keep it truly green. To take it a step further you can also use recycled paperclips to hang them.

Hope you enjoy and happy holidays!