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Chapter 23: Work to do


After the concert everyone finally made it to the hotel for the first time, all anxious to get inside so they could go back out again. 

Try as she might, Spencer could not get a soul to tell her where they were going. The response was always the same, “It’s not a big deal.” “Just a fun little spot.” “Don’t worry you’ll love it.” And that was it. It was amazing how they could all be so secretive about some things and horrendous gossips about others.

Spencer had no clue what to wear. Afraid of embarrassing herself, she figured being late was better than looking stupid. Once everyone seemed to be ready, congregating on their private floor of the hotel, she peeked her head out to see what everyone else was wearing. To her surprise the majority sported baggie jeans, hats, and t-shirts. Aiden had on faded denim with a t-shirt, hip chain and Timberland boots. It was safe to say she was more confused than ever.

“Come on, Spencer!” Ashley complained.

Finally finding an outfit that could be deemed somewhat appropriate, Spencer went to join the group. Her mouth went dry as she took in Ashley’s belly shirt, barely there shorts and five inch heels.

Ashley ran her eye’s up and down Spencer’s body obviously approving of the printed leggings and off the shoulder shirt she was wearing. Spencer felt a familiar jolt when she noticed Ashley’s eyes lingering on the cleavage her special edition La Perla bra revealed.

It quickly became obvious to Aiden that they could have stood around the hall gawking at each other all night if not interrupted. 

“Okay, ladies, ready?” 

“Let’s do it,” Ashley replied much too quickly.


“Sweetness. Let’s go.” He said ushering them onto the elevator. 

The entire group congregated in the lobby all ready to kick off what was sure to be a memorable night.

“Rick, did you call ahead?” Ashley asked her head bodyguard. 

“Yeah. They’re ready for us.”

“Nice. Aid, wheres the car?”

“Should be here any minute.” He walked ahead of the group as she said, “ I can’t wait for you to see this.”

They stepped to the curb as a massive vehicle rolled to a seemingly unending stop. It was a white, stretch, Porsche Cayenne, with big chrome rims and party lights blinking inside.

Ashley gasped as she saw it. “Oh my gosh, Aiden. It’s just like my first car!” she said jumping into his arms.

“I knew you’d like it. I tried to get black but they were all out.”

“Oh, who cares, this is the sweetest thing you’ve ever done for me.”

“Well you kinda did it for yourself, it was your credit card.”

“I would have never thought of this. Only you.” She gave him a playfully punching him on the arm.

“Aw shucks, Ash, you make a girl blush.”

“Better not let Sy hear you say that.”

“Right.” He cleared his throat, standing straighter. “Okay, people, let’s go!”

The large group easily fit into the equally massive vehicle and were off. 

After a bit of a drive they pulled in front of a tiny club.

Spencer read the seemingly innocuous sigh, “Scratch?”

There was a line around the block with people of all kinds clamoring to get inside. It was a myriad of races, sexes and styles.

The limo pulled up in front of the club, everyone curious as to who was inside.

“Okay, Mads, work your magic,” Ashley said.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Madison grumbled as she climbed down from the vehicle. 

The crowd let out a collective sigh of disapproval as their expectations weren’t met. Madison rolled her eyes as she approached the bouncer informing him of Ashley’s arrival. Once the VIP accommodations were confirmed the group began to filter out.

Ashley was last to step out, her large body guards close at her side. “Spencer,” she called, “stay close to me.”

“Why?” Spencer was confused as to why she was the only person Ashley seemed to be worried about. 

“Just trust me, please?”

Spencer relented stepping into the protective circle of the bodyguards. 

The crowd was much more receptive to Ashley’s appearance. She was oblivious, there simply to have fun and not be a celebrity for at least one night.

Walking into the darkened club, Spencer could feel the thump of the base in her chest before they even made inside.

They were immediately greeted by a tall, mocha skinned woman in a barely there black skirt, tube top and legs that seemed to stretch on for days.

“Ms. Davies.” Stretch offered Ashley a hug that she was all too eager to take. “It’s good to see you again. It’s been a while.”

“I know. You too.”

“I see you have your whole crew with you.”

“Don’t leave home without ‘em,” she smiled. 

“The VIP is all ready for you. Follow me,” she informed before turning on her impossibly high heels and sauntering away.

Spencer rolled her eyes as she watched Ashley ogle her hips the entire way. 

Passing through a heavy velvet curtain, Spencer finally got a chance to survey where they were. To her utter surprise a hip hop club lie ahead, people occupying almost every inch of the dance floor. Spencer never took Ashley and her band to be one to frequent places like this, but then again it was like Ashley said, she was a musician and listened to everything.

Spencer found herself pressed close to Ashley and her bodyguards as they cut through the mass of undulating bodies. The steady rhythm and driving beat kept a great deal of attention off them as they pushed through the crowd. Ashley received a few looks of recognition, however, the majority of the party goers seemed to be too preoccupied to care.

Ashley loved going to clubs like these because as a rock star hip hop fans didn’t really care much about her. Sure she had crossed over on a song or two, but as a whole the two communities didn’t really mix.  That meant she could enjoy a night out and remain relatively unnoticed.

Chain link metal curtains separated the VIP section from the crowd allowing them to see and be seen but not disturbed. The group filtered in, immediately putting their two waitresses to work. 

Snagging a seat on one of the center leather couches, Ashley was flanked by Spencer and Aiden.

“Hip hop?” Spencer inquired over the music.

“Yeah! This is one of the best clubs in the country.”

“You really are a renaissance woman.”

Ashley smiled. “Got to be.”

“So, what are we drinking?” Aiden interrupted.

“Well, my good man,” Ashley began, throwing an arm over his shoulder. “It feels like a Louis night.”

“Oh man, I was hoping you said that!”

Spencer leaned closer asking, “Louis?” 

“Just wait,” Aiden hinted.

“The king, please,” Ashley requested politely when the waitress returned with the first round of complimentary drinks.

Nothing more was said. The waitress happily returned to the bar to put in the special request.

“I love this place!” Simon intoned as he sipped from a champagne glass.

“You guys come here a lot?” Spencer asked still taken aback by everyone’s comfort in such a place.

“Only when we play here,” Libby supplied. “It’s really one of the best hip hop spots around. Certainly one of the only ones I go to.”

Spencer was starting to understand as she bobbed her head to the beat.

Soon the waitress returned with a large, ornate bottle resting on a  purple, velvet pillow. 

“What is that?” Spencer asked. 

“Louis the thirteenth, the best and one of the most exclusive liquors well…ever.” Ashley informed as the waitress served them. 

“Shoot it, then sip it!” Aiden shouted.

“I’m in,” Madison chimed. 

Ashley held up her glass. “To a night of reckless abandon!”  

“Yeah, baby!” one of the band members shouted before they all took their glasses and knocked back a shot.

Spencer began to cough and sputter as the brown liquid torched her chest. “Oh my God…That stuff…” Another coughing fit stopped her short.

“Good, huh?” Ashley smiled as she watch Spencer try and gain some of more composure. Not sure which way she would go and acting on a hunch she asked, “More?”

Thinking for a moment, rolling the truly unique flavor around on her tongue, she answered with a simple nod.

“That’s my girl,” Ashley said unthinkingly before calling for the waitress.

With drinks all taken care of,  it was time to party. A small crowd had formed outside the VIP section trying to get a peek at a celebrity. Having the pick of the liter, Ashley and Aiden decided which girls they would allow in.

Spencer recoiled at Ashley’s behavior, considering her no better than any man. She realized, however, that she of all people had no control over what Ashley did.

Before long VIP was packed with women. No one had any problems finding a dance partner. Even Simon had found a handsome young gentleman to keep his attention. Not sure why, Spencer was the only one who hadn’t partnered up. Madison had long ago made herself scarce. She didn’t have long to contemplate why before a young lady nearly half her size confidently asked her to dance. Asian with long black hair and dressed to kill, Spencer was loath to refuse. 

She stepped out onto the dance floor and found herself immediately pressed up against this beautiful stranger’s small frame. Spencer let the music wash over her as she and her partner got lost in the music. It was hot, and sweaty, and uncomfortable and just what she needed.

The crowd parted and Spencer got a glimpse of Ashley also pressed closely between two dance partners, her body moving in a fashion that could only be described as sinful.  The majority of the people in attendance may not have known who Ashley was, but the ones who did were clearly privy to her affection for the ladies.

Spencer frowned, quickly realizing that the body currently undulating against her own was not the body she wanted. She was even more frustrated when she realized that her unhappiness was her own fault.

The song came to an end with Spencer retrieving her drink so she could sulk in relative privacy given her entire party was otherwise occupied. She watched Madison with Aiden. Madison wasn’t thinking twice about Spencer’s feelings.

Adding insult to injury, the energetic rhythms that pounded through the speakers earlier had gradually changed to slow, melodic guitar chords and less insistent, yet no less hypnotic beats. Spencer was in no mood to hear the soft sounds of longing and desire. She had enough of that in her own head.

Spencer stood to her feet, the effects of the liquor already taking a hold. Once she steadied herself she went in search of the bathroom, the last thing she needed was to embarrass herself in front of everyone. Before she could get far a small but strong hand grabbed her right arm. Following the slender wrist up a toned, tan arm she was face to face with Ashley Davies. 

There were no words spoken as Ashley pulled her close leaving not an inch of space between them. Ashley began to sway her hips and Spencer was helpless to do anything but follow. Their bodies fused together seamlessly as they caught the rhythm. Ashley put her hands on Spencer’s waste, slipping a muscular thigh between her own.

Spencer instinctively threw her arms around Ashley’s neck, mirroring her actions. They began to sway to the beat in tandem, oblivious to any and everything around them. Any discomfort she had about Madison’s presence seemed to melt away. Spencer couldn’t believe how great it was to be back in Ashley’s embrace, to feel her touch again. Even a simple dance sent her pulse racing.

Ashley hadn’t taken her eyes of Spencer the entire night. She knew better than anyone about internal struggles and she wished more than anything to lighten Spencer’s load, not be another burden. Smelling the blonde’s perfume, watching the sway of her hips, made it nearly impossible for Ashley to resist.

So lost in thought was she that Ashley didn’t notice Spencer sliding her hand into her own. She didn’t notice she was being tugged off the dance floor. When she did come to her senses she was being yanked into a private bathroom. Not long after that the door was being slammed shut, locked and Ashley as being pushed against it.

She didn’t bother with the light in the one stall bathroom as Spencer pressed herself against Ashley. Ashley groaned as their hips made contact and Spencer latched onto her lips. Spencer was the only woman to elicit such an effect from just a simple touch. This kiss, however, was by no means simple. Ashley ran her hands through Spencer’s tresses as she pulled her in closer while deepening the kiss.

Spencer whimpered when Ashley’s tongue slid against her own. She ran her hands up and down Ashley’s sides getting lost in the exchange.

Ashley couldn’t get enough. She wrapped her free hand around Spencer’s waist, pulling her even closer. Spencer pushed her thigh between Ashley’s, applying much needed pressure to Ashley’s core making Ashley break the kiss to express her passion.

Spencer took the opportunity to taste Ashley’s skin. She sucked hard on her pulse point as was rewarded with a strangled gasp. Spencer wanted to feel Ashley, all of her. Even as she was lost of a haze in lips, tongue and hands she still couldn’t allow herself to go all the way. She cursed her conscience as she pulled away.

“No, no, not now. Please, don’t stop,” Ashley panted as she pulled Spencer back into a searing kiss.

Spencer broke the kiss but took the opportunity move to Ashley’s neck. “Ash…Ash we gotta…” The words were lost in her throat as Ashley gently bit down on her skin.

“You don’t want to stop, do you?” Ashley said between nibbles.

“Ahhhh…no but…but…”

“But what?”

“I still can’t.”

Those words hit Ashley like a sledge hammer. “Damnit, Spencer! Why do you keep doing this to me?” Ashley snapped on the light. 

“Wait. Calm down,” Spencer pleaded. “I have an idea. Just let me talk, please.”

Ashley folded her arms across her chest waiting to hear what Spencer had to say.

“Okay,” she began, “I can’t be with you because that would be insulting to Madison–”

“Spencer, we covered this.”

“Would you let me finish?”

Ashley said rolling her eyes. “Fine. Go on.”

“I’m worried about throwing away everything I had with Madison, but if she were to move on first, say with someone who I caught her cheating with, then I would be guilt free.” 

Spencer watched as the wheels turned in Ashley’s head.

Her face lit up before asking, “So if she moved on you could too.” 

Spencer smiled and nodded.

“Well what the hell are we doing in here when neither of them is hammered yet? Let’s go!” Ashley said placing a quick peck on Spencer’s lips before dragging her out the bathroom.

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