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Chapter 24: What now


No matter how hard Spencer and Ashley tried, they just could not get Madison or Aiden as drunk as they were the night they slipped up. Four cities later and they were plain fed up. Ashley was confident that if blue clit were a real affliction she most certainly was a survivor. Spencer’s nipples were set to cut diamond if she had to endure another night of kissing and dry humping.

Spencer wanted Ashley, badly, but her conscious would not allow for more. Most importantly, she didn’t want to be pinned with an “I told you so” from Madison. Spencer wanted to live in post coital glow with Ashley without having to be mindful of Madison’s presence.

She also didn’t want Madison to be right in her accusation that Spencer was leaving her for Ashley; at the time that hadn’t been the case…not entirely. Yes, it was terribly complicated. Be that as it may, if Madison were to be with Aiden all of Spencer’s apprehensions could be expunged. And she surely would have no “I told you so” to put up with.

And so Spencer and Ashley used every opportunity they could manufacture to ensure Madison and Aiden had time alone. Ashley ordered him to spend as much time with her on the tour as possible. She of course could not be without her beloved best friend. Her best friend who also kept her very abreast of his day to day, be it noteworthy or otherwise.

Apparently Madison was still hung up on Spencer. She too felt the pangs of guilt when standing at the precipice of this momentous change. Ironically enough not only was Aiden passing on information to Ashley, he was confiding in Madison as well.

Aiden had no clue that he was being used as a go between for both camps, unwittingly sharing his feelings and observations with the women in his life. Ashley, Spencer and Madison alike gleaned that sharing too much with Aiden would not be in anyone’s interest.

The tour continued its march toward LA in spite of their romantic conundrum.

Spencer and Ashley lay in the center an over sized hotel bed spooning as they thought of ways to get Aiden and Madison together.

“What if we got her flowers and put Aiden’s name on it?” Spencer suggested.

“Nah, he’s dumb enough to admit he didn’t send them.”

Spencer nodded. “I don’t understand it. He likes her. And I’m fairly sure she feels the same way. They spend every waking minute together. Why isn’t anything happening?”

“I wish I knew. Aiden says every time they get somewhere she pulls away. He thinks it has something to do with you.”

“That’s bull. If that were the case she would have said something to me by now. She’s been avoiding me like the plague. Madison isn’t one to bite her tongue. If she wanted me she would have told me by now. Maybe she just doesn’t want Aiden.”

“He says she does. When they hook up she’s usually the one to initiate.”

“Really?” Shock laced Spencer’s tone. “Wow…”


“What? No. Not at all.” Spencer turned in Ashley’s arms. “It’s just…I don’t know…strange.”

Ashley waited.

“I don’t get it.”

“Get what?” Ashley pressed.

“I mean we were together so long. He’s…a man.”

“I know, gag me.”

“Exactly.” They shared a laugh.

“Well everyone can’t be as smart as we are.” Ashley gently traced the bridge of Spencer’s nose. She was falling for the blonde, a look of love and adoration being reflected back at her.

Spencer felt the same air stealing, heart swell at just the thought of the brunette. Not to mention moments like these when they just drank each other in. Unable to resist, Spencer leaned in capturing willing lips in her own. It had been weeks now and she still felt that same spark, the same jolt as she did the very first time they kissed. Sure it could have been chalked up to the clandestine nature of their relationship, but Spencer knew better. She knew it was just the beauty of Ashley inside and out that sparked her desire and that it would never go away.

Their lips fused together in a seamless union. Spencer loved that Ashley was so gentle with her, always so loving. She nibbled lightly on Spencer’s bottom lip running her tongue along it and making her sigh in contentment. Their tongues met and sparks began to ignite between them.

The heat rose rapidly, traveling toward the one spot that always made it impossible for them to go on another second. If they continued like this, Ashley on top of Spencer with Spencer’s hands under Ashley’s t-shirt running across the expanse of her naked back, they’d be lost. If Spencer heard Ashley’s moan and Ashley kept rolling her tongue around in her mouth they would never stop.

Ashley was the first to break their bond, rolling away and leaving Spencer in a panting ball of sexual frustration.

“I freaking hate this,” Spencer growled.

“It’s okay, Spence.” Ashley could not move to console Spencer physically. For the time being words would have to be enough.

“It’s not okay. I’m a slave to my own damn conscious!” She quickly rolled off the bed. “I can’t take this anymore.”

Ashley watched as Spencer paced, running her hands through her hair in frustration.

“Its a struggle every night. I lay awake all night wanting you, needing you. I can’t even touch myself because it’s not you and it’s not good enough anymore.”


“I think about you touching me and I go crazy…”

“Spencer.” Ashley’s tone demanded Spencer’s attention. “Could you stop talking like that because it’s really not helping right now.”

“Right…sorry.” Spencer collapsed on the edge of the bed having exhausted her fervor.

Ashley crawled over, putting a comforting arm around Spencer’s shoulder. “Look I understand why you can’t be with me. I don’t exactly feel the same, but I get it. You’re a good person, Spence, and you’re good in spite of yourself. That’s what I find the sexiest about you.”

Spencer’s smile was wan. “Really, you’re not mad?”

“Of course not. You feel the way you feel and I respect that. We just have to keep working to get those two together so that you and I can move on. We’ve come too far to stop now.”

“You’re right.” Spencer laid her head on Ashley’s shoulder. “So what do we do now?”

“Well I have an idea, but it’s going to take a little acting from you. Do you think you can handle it?”

“What do you have I mind?”

Later that night…

Spencer approached the door with some trepidation. It would be several moments before she finally got the courage to knock. Secretly she hoped no one would answer, however, to her surprise and dismay it was answered and rather hastily.

“Spencer?” Madison asked gapping at her in what could only be described as shock.

“Hi. Can we um, talk?”

Madison stepped aside to let her in.


“Aiden what the hell is wrong with you?” Ashley asked. She quieted only when she realized that the hotel bar was no place to make a scene. “Is the equipment not working or something?”

“Ash,” he began, his tone wary.

“What? I have every right to ask. I would have hit that by now for sure.” She hated that she had to resort to insulting his manhood, his pride, but maybe it would kick his ass into gear.

“You know it’s a two way street. I’m not going jump her.”

“I’m not saying that. I’m saying aren’t you supposed to be some world-class charmer or something? What happened to that?”

He puffed out his chest before replying, “It’s still there, but she just got out of a serious relationship, Ash. She’s not going to just forget that like some people we know.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“Its doesn’t mean anything.”

“Yes, it does. Are you trying to imply Madison is somehow better than Spencer because she’s refusing to move on? Their relationship was over long before you or I were locking lips with them. Spencer’s so kindhearted she won’t do anything with me until you do with Madison.”

Ashley could have punched herself in the mouth as soon as the words slipped across her tongue. She prayed in that split second that he was too dense or too drunk to understand what she meant.


She wouldn’t be so lucky.

“So let me get this straight. You don’t give a damn about the status of my relationship with Madison. This is all about you getting into Spencer’s pants.”

“No. Not totally?”

“You asking or telling Ash?” He was greeted with silence. “I can’t believe you.” He stood to his feet. “All this time I thought you were my friend.”

“I am, Aid. It’s just that I need Spencer, but she won’t be free until she knows Madison has moved on. I know you two like each other. I want you too to be together not just for me, but for you too.”

“That’s really hard for me to believe. You have done nothing but plot and scheme this entire time. The booze, the disappearing acts, its all been a ploy!” He threw some bills on the bar.

“Aiden wait.” She chased him out into the lobby all too aware of the fact that people were starting to notice just who she was. “Where are you going?”

“To tell Madison that we’ve been had.”

She made chase trying to plead her case the entire way back to their floor. They came to a stop in front of Madison’s door, Aiden pulling out a key card. Maybe he was getting further than she thought.

“Aiden, lets talk about this rationally…please?” She was begging now. If he told Madison this Madison would hold out forever if only just for spite.

“Save it.” He put in the card and they waited for the beep and ironically green light.

He stormed into the lounge with Ashley hot on his heels. Neither was prepared to find Madison lying on the couch, Spencer pinned beneath her.

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