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Chapter 25: So close… 


Both Aiden and Ashley watched, mouth agape, as Spencer practically shoved Madison to the floor.


“Don’t, Ash, me,” she said with flames brimming in her eyes. Ashley’s put a finger in Madison’s face saying, “I swear, you’re like a fucking black hole.”

Spencer chased behind Ashley as she stormed from the room. “Ash…wait!”

“Save it, Spencer!”

“No, let me explain. This was your idea.”

Ashley stopped in her tracks spinning around to face the breathless blonde. “My idea? Are you crazy? The plan was to go feel Madison out, not feel her up. I just wanted see if she still has feeling for you, not have you jump her bones!”

“I didn’t jump her bones!”

Ashley fumbled with the key to her door. “Imagine what would have happened had we not interrupted.”

She shoved the door, the hydraulic system the only thing stopping it from slamming in Spencer’s face.

“Wait, we have to talk about this!”

“No, we don’t.” She laughed self deprecatingly. “I shouldn’t be mad since technically we’re not even together.”

“Maybe not technically, but how I feel about you is just the same.”

“Oh really? Is that what you were saying into Madison’s mouth just now?”

Ashley went to the mini fridge, yanking open the door. She needed a drink, desperately.

“That wasn’t what it looked like,” Spencer pleaded. “Its sounds cliché, but it’s the truth.”

“So what was it? Was it you making out with your ex? Was it her on top of you? Or was it the near sex I just walked in on? You tell me what it was.”

“If you would just sit down and listen I can explain everything.”

Ashley crossed her arms over her chest.


Ashley relented, having no choice but to listen with Spencer being so near the mini bar.

“What really happened was…”


Spencer approached the door with some trepidation. It would be several moments before she finally got the courage to knock. Secretly she hoped no one would answer, however, to her surprise and dismay it was answered and rather hastily.

“Spencer?” Madison asked gapping at her in what could only be described as shock.

“Hi. Can we um, talk?”

Madison stepped aside to let her in.

Spencer stood near the door not sure just how welcome she’d be.

“You can have a seat, Spencer. I won’t bite.”

Taking her nonverbal queue, Spencer took a seat next to Madison on the spacious couch. Spencer swallowed hard before soldering on. She was here now, she might as well carry out her mission.

So what did you want to talk about?”

Madison wouldn’t meet her eyes and Spencer had to turn her body to better face the woman she once loved. She smiled before saying, “I just wanted to know how you were. We haven’t spoken in a while. I wanted to make sure you were okay with…everything.”

“Okay with everything?” Madison said incredulously. “You left me for someone else. How do you think I feel, Spencer?”

“I told you, I didn’t leave you for Ashley, Madison. We’re not together.”

“Forgone conclusion,” Madison spat.

The truth of Madison’s logic grated, but she went on nonetheless.

“I want you to know that I’m not sorry for breaking up with you, but no matter what you think, no one else had a hand in what happened to us. We grew apart, Madison, all on our own. But…I think we can and should still be friends. Don’t you?”

Madison thought a moment. She didn’t want to be Spencer’s friend, no, she wanted much more than that. Madison reasoned, however, that she might have to take what she could get.

“I suppose. It’s just hard, you know? Seeing you with her.”

“You don’t think it’s hard seeing you with Aiden?”

Spencer wasn’t necessarily broken up about Madison moving on. She did, however, take issue with Madison moving on to a man. Spencer had absolutely no way to explain it, but it was just how she felt. On some level it was as if she had never been good enough.

“I guess I never thought about it that way. Nothing is really happening with him, you know?”


“Really? Doesn’t seem that way.”

“He’s nice, but he’s just not…you.”

Spencer was floored. Madison really was still hung up on her, which meant the chances of her moving on to Aiden were slim. In this moment Spencer was ready to pack it up and move on. What she hoped would assuage her guilt would not be in the cards. She’d have to take her, “I told you so,” from Madison and try to move forward with Ashley. Guilt was a burden she’d gladly bare if it meant being happy with Ashley in the long run.

“Do you ever think about us?” Madison asked.

Only when I’m not thinking about Ashley, Spencer mused.

“Sometimes,” she allowed.

They’d been together so long; it would be impossible to simply turn her back on that so suddenly.

“Do you ever wonder what could have been?”

“No, not really,” Spencer replied honestly. “I feel like we had a change at what could have been and it didn’t turn out so well.”

“I don’t believe that,” Madison groused. “I don’t believe it was over. I think…you threw it away. I think you gave up.”

“Gave up? Madison, I’ve spent the last three years trying to patch up our problems. I’ve compromised, bitten my tongue and ignored my feelings in an effort to make us work. It was never enough. You can’t tell me you don’t see that.”

Spencer was greeted with silence. No matter how angry Madison was she couldn’t ignore the fact that things were never the same after Skyler’s death.

“I guess you’re right. I wish I just…”

“What?” Spencer pressed.

“I wish we could have tried a bit harder. I wish I could have one last chance to kiss you. To say goodbye officially.”

Spencer averted her eye’s already knowing where this was leading.

“Could you give me that, one last kiss? Then I’ll let you go for good. Officially.”

“Madison, I don’t know.”

Thoughts of Ashley instantly shot through Spencer’s mind. They may not have been a couple yet, but she had strong feelings for Ashley just the same. This felt like cheating. The only lips she wanted belonged to Ashley.

“Please, Spencer,” Madison pleaded.

Spencer couldn’t take the look on Madison’s face. In an instant this plan had gone from bad to worse. After seven years of history, though, Spencer couldn’t say no to a simple kiss.

One kiss?”

That’s all I ask.”

Unable to ignore the truly hopeful look on Madison’s face, Spencer relented.

“Really?” Madison herself seemed surprised.

“Yeah. One last official goodbye.”

This is what Spencer realized she needed, one final goodbye, without tears, drama and accusations. This kiss would be the closure she needed to finally move on no matter what Madison chose to do next.

Madison smiled shyly as she slowly leaned in. Spencer was stock still wanting it to be over with as soon as possible.

Madison’s lips pressed to hers tentatively at first. She parted her lips nibbling and sucking on Spencer’s. That didn’t last long before Madison tilted her head and shoved her tongue into Spencer’s mouth. Before Spencer could respond Madison had her pinned into the couch as she ravished her mouth. Spencer groaned her displeasure, but that fell on deaf ears as Madison’s hand roamed all over her body.

Spencer tensed, trying to push Madison away. Just when she was beginning to panic the door opened.


“That’s when you walked in.”

Ashley wasn’t sure what to believe. She really didn’t have reason to mistrust Spencer, but her history with women made her disbelief almost automatic.

“So you’re saying she forced herself on you?”

“Practically. I felt guilty for all the plotting and scheming we’ve done.” Spencer continued on more firmly saying, “But Madison is going to think what she’s going to think. I can’t do anything about that. I know I want to be with you. If anyone has a problem with that then too bad.”

“Are you serious? We can be together?”

Spencer found the courage to broach the space between them, sitting closely to Ashley before saying, “I want nothing more than to be with you. Kissing Madison only solidified that point.” She stroked the side of Ashley’s face. “Be mine, Ash?”

Every fear and insecurity Spencer still harbored disappeared when Ashley brought her lips to her own. Spencer smiled as she pulled Ashley impossibly closer. They parted some time later staring deep into each other’s eyes.

Suddenly it became apparent that they were now free to be together, to quell the desire that had been building between them for so long. Their lips crashed together, tongues instantly meeting in a primal dance. Spencer grabbed Ashley’s hip pulling her into her lap. Ashley used that opportunity to bury her hands in blonde locks, unconsciously grinding her hips into a matching pair. Spencer’s hand clamped onto Ashley’s ass encouraging her to continue her ministrations as their tongues slid and played.

Ashley found the hem of Spencer’s shirt, pulling it off and tossing it across the room. Spencer mirrored her actions leaving them both exposed from the waist up. Spencer explored Ashley’s taunt abs and they tightened at the feel of Spencer’s hot flesh.

Unable to keep still, Spencer’s hand continued it’s journey down toward Ashley’s colorful boy shorts. They were the ones that always managed to drive Spencer crazy and that Ashley seemed to have an endless supply of. She took a moment to pull and the tug at the elastic, teasing her prey.

Ashley broke the kiss, sucking on Spencer’s pulse point and preparing for what was to come next. Once Ashley was satisfied with the mark she’d left she continued to nip and suck on Spencer’s neck working her way toward her ear. She too could tease.

Spencer finally crossed the threshold of Ashley’s underwear being greeted by her smooth core. A moan was wrenched from her very being as Ashley’s wetness all but flooded her eager palm.

Ashley released her purchase of Spencer’s earlobe whispering, “Do it.”

That was encouragement enough. Spencer whimpered into the silence of the room when her fingers slipped into Ashley’s dripping center. Ashley moaned sexily in her ear as Spencer’s thumb grazed her excited clitoris.

Ashley bit her lip, pulling back to look into Spencer’s eyes as she rode her hand with abandon.

A knock pierced the edge of their consciousness, neither making an attempt to acknowledge it.

“Don’t stop,” Ashley breathed as the knocking grew more insistent.

Spencer had no intention of ever stopping. She wanted to live inside Ashley, become a part of her very being.

The knocking continued as they went on. Whoever it was could wait until they were finished. They’d be waiting for some time.

Their lips locked together as Spencer added a third finger to the two that were already driving Ashley completely mad. She moaned into Spencer’s mouth and Spencer happily accepted the intimate gift. Ashley grabbed onto Spencer’s shoulder digging blunt nails into her flesh. Spencer hissed, the pain adding an erotic edge to an already sensual encounter.

The knocking continued growing more insistent and constant.

“Fuck!” Ashley groaned still riding Spencer’s hand. “Go away!” She yelled toward the door.

Spencer pulled Ashley’s head back down for another kiss.

This time the knocking sounded more like feet rather than hands.

“Damnit! Ash, who is that?” Spencer asked, her annoyance getting the better of her libido.

“How should I know?”

“Get it,” Spencer said still pumping away.

“Yeah, right,” Ashley breathed.


Ashley’s hips stopped moving as Spencer gingerly removed her fingers.

“I’m going to fucking kill someone!”

Ashley struggled to her feet, shakily making her way to the door. Whoever was there was going to get an eyeful as Ashley wasn’t moved to find her shirt at the moment.

“Who the fu-”

The words died on Ashley’s lips as she stood mouth agape.

Spencer grabbed her shirt ready to offer a tongue-lashing to whoever would dare ruin a moment such as this. “Ash, who is it?”

“Don’t I get a hello?” The redhead asked.


“You going to leave me here in the hall or can I come in?” Angel didn’t wait for a reply as she walked passed them and into the room.

Ashley was all but rooted to her spot as she watched the redhead grab a seat, making herself comfortable.

Spencer waited for Ashley to say something, anything, but instead she was greeted with silence. Resigned to her fate Spencer turned toward the door and walked out.

Finally coming to her senses Ashley called after her asking, “Spence, where are you going?”

“To get batteries!”

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