There has been a LGBT battle going on in Brazil. This country has always been strange dichotomy of very traditional Christian values and ostentatiously liberal lifestyles. Brazil’s business owners and political figures have taken a stance, and from the looks of it that stance has been against the LGBT community.

However, a huge corner was turned yesterday. If you are not aware, a prominent telenovela by the name of “Em Familia” has been the focus of what has become a global battle in the past few months. The show saw the addition of a lesbian story line a few months back. While the community lusted over the gorgeous Brazilian beauties, Clara (Giovanna Antonelli) and Mariana (Tainá Müller), no one was overly hopeful that the two would actually be together.

To our collective shock and awe the couple indeed became an official item thus birthing Clarina! This is in stark contrast to the short lived, clandestine affairs that US shows choose to depict time and time again. That relationship, however, has been devoid of any physical contact outside of the occasional hug, cheek peck, or holding of hands.


Despite these set backs, the community as opened its arms to the story line and the actresses brave enough to face what is relatively new territory on Brazilian TV. I will admit that I was not optimistic about ever seeing physical intimacy between these characters. I was, however, willing to support the writers’ vision even as they were stifled by the network, Rede Globo (Globo Network), or simply Globo. The show has been wonderful at filling the physical void with truly romantic and heartfelt interaction between two women.


This brings us to yesterday, June 30th, 2014. Em Familia’s more infamous characters Clarina shared their first on screen kiss!

Kiss #1

Clarina's 1st Kiss

Globo has a history of being progressive, being the first to air a lesbian kiss in 2011 as well as the first and very recent gay on screen kiss. (Click Here for details)

Don’t get me wrong, applauding a simple kiss on a television show is very reminiscent of television a la 1998, but change is change no mater how slow it is in coming. Long story even longer, I applaud Em Familia’s writers as well as the producers, directors, owners, and politicos that let this utterly romantic story line come into full fruition. Yet another corner has been turned for our community and I look forward to the next.



In a turn of events of pessimist like me could never anticipate, Clara and Mariana have married! They had a beautiful wedding that included a wonderful kiss. I spoke of their first kiss above so I figured I’d add the second and third. With there being so few its easy to share…there I go again.

I am thrilled about this turn of events and I’m grateful to these beautiful and talented actress for being brave enough to portray this story.


Kiss #2

The Wedding