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Chapter 26: Well I’ll be, Part 1


Spencer decided it was best to walk off her frustration. Their current city couldn’t be considered a metropolis, but it was enough for her to get lost in for a while to clear her mind, order her thoughts.

Once her legs were thoroughly worn out, the hotel bar seemed to be the best place to camp out for a while. She placed her cell on the bar directly in front of her and waited. The few hours she’d been gone was plenty of time for Ashley to sort things out with Angel. After three hours and several drinks, however, Spencer deduced that the resolution she’d been hoping for wouldn’t be coming.

Around two A.M. Spencer realized that she had nowhere to go. She’d been staying in Ashley’s room for the last couple stops of the tour. She certainly couldn’t ask Madison to book her a room of her own, that would give her way too much pleasure. Simon and Libby’s room was an option, but she just wasn’t in the mood for the inevitable barrage of questioning that would follow. She had one last resort.



“I have to stay here tonight.” She wasn’t asking. Spencer pushed passed Aiden walking right into his hotel lounge.

“Why aren’t you with Ashley?”

“Why aren’t you with Madison?” she shot back.

“Why aren’t you?”


She flopped down on the couch. She wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of one-upping her. “Do not start with me, Aiden. This night couldn’t possibly get any worse.”

Aiden noticed the truly pained expression on her face. “Ash was really pissed, huh?”

“Yeah, well, no…She was, but then she wasn’t…” Spencer searched for the words.

“Spence,” he interrupted. “English, please?”

She laughed. “Sorry, I had a few at the bar.

“Obviously. So from the top.”

“She was mad, really mad, but we talked. I was honest about what happened. I just needed to know how Madison felt, and boy did I get my answer.”

Aiden didn’t need to probe for more of an explanation; Madison being on top of Spencer was explanation enough.

Spencer could see his discomfort plainly. “I’m sorry, Aiden. I didn’t mean to—”

“It’s cool. I figured she really wasn’t that into me anyway. She was probably just using me the way you and Ash were.”

She searched her memory for his meaning before realization dawned that he probably knew about her and Ashley’s intentions.

“Aiden, we didn’t mean to use you.”

“It’s okay, Spencer.”

“No, its not. We weren’t using you so much as helping you so that we could help ourselves. We knew you wanted Madison, so we figured there would be no harm in helping you out a bit. We never meant to hurt either one of you. In the end we both ended up getting burned anyway, if that makes you feel any better.”

“It does a little,” he smiled.

Aiden was never one to hold a grudge too long. Besides, thanks to them he got a few heated make out sessions too. Not the end of the world.

“So what happened after you two left?”

The dark cloud that momentarily lifted from around Spencer’s countenance returned.

“She yelled. I yelled. Then I told her what happened.”

“What did happen?”

“She jumped me, that’s what happened,” she said bitterly.

“Wow. Like forcefully?”

Spencer nodded in the affirmative.

“Damn. She must really still want you.”

“You think?” She snapped. His look told her she was out of line. “Sorry. I’m just more than upset right now. And a little drunk.”

“It’s cool…so what happened after you told Ashley?”

“Oh right. Well she listened and, thankfully, she believed me. I made her understand that I didn’t want anyone but her.”

“Did she believe you?”

“Yeah, she did.”

“So what are you doing here and not with her?”

Spencer sighed heavily struggling to find the words.

Aiden noted the crimson that painted her once pail cheeks then overtook her entire face. “Spence, what happened?”

“It was so good,” she began. “We were going to be together. It was official. We were so close. I could feel her. I was inside her.”

Aiden cleared his throat.

“Sorry, but it was fantastic. Then the knocking started. We weren’t going to answer but it kept coming and coming.” Spencer’s tone became urgent as she continued.

Aiden hung on her every word as he waited to find out what could possibly break up what seemed to be such a passionate moment.

“Finally we got so pissed off that Ash decided to open it. Then I saw her, that smug grin brimming on her disgusting lips. That fucking red hair,” Spencer mused. She had long forgotten Aiden’s presence as she fumed with anger.

Aiden sat looking at her trying to piece it together. Smug grin, red hair. “Oh my God, Angel?” He yelled startling Spencer from her thoughts.

“The one and only,” she spat.

“She’s here?”




“With Ash?”

“Yes, Aiden, what the hell?”

“I’m sorry, Spence. This is all just too much.” Aiden began to pace, absorbing the info as best he could.

“Tell me about it.” She watched as he went back and forth. “Why are you so upset?”

“Why am I upset? Because that Jezebel ripped Ash’s heart out and didn’t think twice about it. I was the one that had to help Ashley get through the booze, drugs and women. The fact that she has the audacity to return after she just left is amazing to me!”

“Yeah well I‘m pretty dumb struck myself.”

“So what are you going to do now?” He stopped pacing.

“Excuse me? What am I going to do? Nothing. She hasn’t called me since that chick showed up.”

“You can’t just leave Ashley with that barracuda. You have to fight, Spencer.”

“Fight? How do I fight a ghost, Aiden? How do I fight a ghost that has risen from the dead and is looking particularly hot? Tell me how to fight Ashley’s past. Tell me!”

Aiden consoled Spencer as the tears she’d be fighting so bravely came full force.

“It’s okay, Spence.” Aiden cooed trying to console the shaking blonde. “Ash really cares about you, I can tell. You don’t have to worry.”

“Really?” More than anything Spencer desperately needed to hold on to the hope that she and Ashley would make it out the other side of this.

“Really. We’ll come up with a plan.”

“No,” she said quickly. “No more plans or schemes. I’ve so learned my lesson.”

“Nothing devious or manipulative, but its clear you don’t know how to handle this situation. I’m just going to coach you, help you navigate through what could prove to be a huge hurtle in your relationship with Ashley. Because there is no way I’m letting that vampire suck the life out of Ash again.”

“Really, Aiden, you’d help me? After what we tried to do? I feel awful.”

“Spence stop. What you and Ash were doing was a little manipulative, but Ash told me why you were doing it. It was noble on your part. And the truth is you guys were helping me get something that wasn’t all that bad.”

“I feel so lost I have no clue what to do. Angel being back changes everything.”

“Well hopefully it doesn’t have to.”

“So I guess we’ll face this in the light of day. Maybe it won’t seem so bad then.”

“See? Now that’s what I like to hear.” Aiden paused an idea already starting to form.


“Its probably nothing.”

“No, what is it?” Spencer pressed.

“Well I was just wondering how Angel found out where we were.”

Spencer mulled that thought over as well. “Well the tour stops are advertised everywhere.”

“Yeah the venues are, but definitely not the hotels.”

“Ash stays in the same hotels every year doesn’t she?”

“Sometimes, if it’s a particularly good one. But she never stays more than two consecutive years per hotel. This is a fresh one.”

Spencer and Aiden sat starting at the darkened flat screen on the wall.

“Should we deal with her tonight or wait until tomorrow?” Spencer asked not even bothering to voice her suspicions.

Aiden was two steps ahead of her. “I’ll go get a shirt.”

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