Hey Guys!

I’ve been getting several comments and emails in regard to RUSH, Book 3. First I’d like to apologize (some more) to my fans for the delay. But I do have a valid excuse. It was supposed to be a surprise, but I am in the process of (hopefully) getting RUSH published, officially.

Although my books have done better than I would ever imagine thanks to all of your love and support, I still dream of seeing my book on shelves at Barnes & Nobles (before they all shut down). That being said, I am in talks with a publisher now, however, they asked for some changes. These changes may result in the series being two books instead of three. I’ve been working on consolidating Books 1 and half of 2 into one book. I can’t write three until I know where 2 will be ending and if it will indeed be published. If not then I will release it myself as planned and the story will remain the same.

I just ask that you are all a bit more patient with me as I work to get this mattered handled. If the books are published, great. If not I will continue to write for my loyal fans and make sure you have Book 3 as soon as humanly possible.

I can never express my appreciate to you all. That fact that RUSH and Interoffice Fraternization were released two years ago and continue to sell is something I never imagined.

Here’s to the future!


CJ Reid