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Chapter 27: Revelations 

Spencer’s eyes pried themselves open against her will around 7 A.M. She was greeted by Aiden with wet hair and sans shirt. This was definitely not how she intended on spending her morning. She’d much rather be waking up to another shirtless brunette.

“Morning,” he greeted cheerily.

“Hey,” she groused as she stretched her knotted back. Aiden offered her the bed, but she’d refused. Sleep was slow in coming, at least one of them should be rested.

“Sleep well?”

“As well as expected on this thing.”

He smiled as he grabbed a seat on the armrest. “Breakfast?”

“No, I’m really not in the mood.”

“Well get in the mood.” His stern tone shocked the blonde. He amended his tone. “Sorry,” he added sheepishly, “but you have to come to breakfast because Ash will be there. We need to see how she reacts.”

“Um, do you know Ashley? She never goes to breakfast. She sometimes doesn’t wake up until an hour before a 7 P.M. concert.”

“That’s how she is without Angel here. When they were together she made Ash wake up for breakfast every day. If I know her as well as I used to, she hasn’t changed. It’ll be a great indication of exactly where these two stand.”

“I don’t want to know, Aiden. If she’s not there I’m stuck wondering where she is and what she’s doing. If she is, I know it’s just because Angel made her. Its lose-lose.” Spencer slumped in her seat.

“No, its not. If she’s not there we know Angel doesn’t have the hold on her like she used to. If she is, its not the best indication, but it gives us an opportunity to see how she reacts with the two of you in the room.”

“This isn’t some experiment, Aiden, these are my feelings.”

“You weren’t thinking that a few weeks ago,” he spat in reference to himself.

“I said I was sorry.”

“And I accepted your apology. The fact still remains that you are the lesser of two evils in regard to Angel. She’s no good for Ash and I refuse to sit back as she tries to weasel her way back into the fold. Just like the two of you were being selfish with me, I’m being selfish with you. And just like in my situation, you hopefully get to reap the benefits.”

Spencer sat and thought for a second. He had a point. She could either sit there alone sulking and wondering where Ashley was and what she was doing, or she could face her problem head on and get the answers she she really needed.

“Fine, but remember, no schemes.”

“Sweet. Now go get dressed.”

“Dressed? It’s just breakfast.”

“No, it’s war. And show a little skin. We’re fighting fire with fire, baby cakes.”

“Baby cakes?”

“Simon,” he shook his head, “just go.”

Spencer dressed as best she could at the hour. She opted that the most skin she would show would be in the form of a tank top that stopped right above her low cut jeans. This would have to be enough. Aiden seemed to approve of her outfit and the pair were off.

Spencer couldn’t remember ever being so nervous to see someone who was supposed to be her girlfriend. They had just become official not 24 hours ago, yet she had no clue where they stood anymore.

She was jostled from her morouse thought pattern by Aiden wrapping his arm around her shoulder. “Don’t worry, it’ll be okay,” he offered as if reading her mind. She gave him a thankful smile in return. “I’ve seen the way she looks at you. Its nothing compared to how she was with Angel. You just have to make her understand that you’ll stay in spite of her bs. That’s the trick.”

Spencer had never thought of it that way. Ashley needed someone who could endure her quirks, to accept her as she was, flaws and all.

“I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere.” She squaring her shoulders.

“Thata girl.”

Aiden scanned the dining hall looking for the rocker, but only came up with the band and a few roadies. Even Simon and Libby were still sleeping.

“Well they’re not here.”

“Told you so.” Spencer spun on her heels.

“Yet!” He grabbed her by the shoulders, spinning her back around. “This is perfect. Now we can get a table in a prominent place and really see where her affections lie. This is perfect.”

Spencer rolled her eyes. “Whatever. Let’s just get some food.”

After Aiden piled his plate high he opted for a table right in the middle of the room. No way Ashley could miss them there. She would either be forced to come and sit or avoid them altogether, both giving Spencer the answer she needed.

Midway through the meal, when Spencer was feeling the relief of being able to hide away in Aiden’s suite, she saw her brunette beauty walk through the door stopping in the frame to survey the room. Spencer smiled when she saw her standing there. She didn’t realize how much she missed her face in the few short hours they had been apart. Hand poised to wave, she caught a glimpse of the redhead behind Ashley. With large sunglasses covering her face, she turned to say something to Angel then the two women walked in to retrieve their breakfast.

Spencer put her head down. “Aiden, they’re here.”

“Huh?” He finally pulled his face out of his plate long enough to note his surroundings. “Right on queue.”

“Now what?” She was almost frantic.

“Now we wait. Just keep eating or…picking rather.”

She blushed murmuring, “I’m not that hungry and I don’t think I can do this. Ashley just walked in with Angel, which means she probably spent the night with her.”

“Just because they spent the night together doesn’t mean anything happened. Believe me.”

“That could be true, but still…I just don’t have a good feeling about this.”

“Well you better pretend, our girls are coming this way.”

“Oh my God.”

“Don’t look.”

“Look? I’m trying not to pass out.”

“Be cool.”

“Cool? I’m sweating like a construction worker here.”

“Shh Spencer, they’re here.”

“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.”

“Hey Ash!” Aiden said loudly trying to drawn out Spencer’s mantra. “Angel,” he added none too politely.

“Hi, Spence,” Ashley meekly offered.

“Hey.” Spencer smiled in return trying her best to keep it cool.

“I was going to–”

“You must be Spencer,” Angel cut in. “She’s told me all about you.”

Spencer reluctantly shook the hand Angel all but shoved in her face. “Has she?”

“Oh, yes. All night long it was, “Spencer this and Spencer that.” And, “oh I’m so in love.” It was almost disgusting. I tried…”

Spencer stopped listening, instead focusing on the, “I’m so in love,” part. She sat in stunned silence trying to see Ashley’s shade covered eyes. Her expression was hard to read.

Aiden spotted the purple elephant that has firmly planted itself at the table and rushed to interject. “Ha, well, isn’t that great? Um, Spence, I’m done here, do you want to go explore the city before call time?”

Spencer’s eye’s remained latched to Ashley as she tried to calculate exactly what was going on here.
“Wait b–” Spencer started. She wanted to talk about this. See if it was the truth.

“No, come on, we have to go. I arranged a car, it should be here.”

“You two have fun,” Angel chimed. “Mind if we take your table?”

“No take it, just like everything else you want around here.” Aiden said as he dragged Spencer behind him.

Ashley was still speechless as she watched Aiden pick Spencer up by her arm and drag her out of the dining hall.

Spencer was seething by the time they made it into the lobby. Not so much at Aiden for making her leave, but at Ashley for letting her go. “Did you see what just happened in there, Aiden?” she nearly screamed.

“Would you keep it down? Yes, I saw. How could I not?”

“She said love, Aiden. Love! And Ashley did nothing. She just stood there!”

“I know.”

“No, you don’t know. That’s not love. Who has their love for someone publicly announced for the first time, then allows that love to walk out without a word? Who?”

“Ashley does.”

“Pffft,” was the only sound the blonde could make.

“See this is where my coaching comes in, Spence. If I would have left you in there this would have been so much worse.”

“I don’t see how this could possibly be any worse. She’s telling Angel more about our relationship than me.”

“That’s a good thing.”

“Come again?”

Aiden sighed. “Look, Angel totally put Ashley on the spot in there, the conniving bitch that she is. She knew full well what she was doing when she said Ash was in love with you. She took a chance in assuming you didn’t know, but unfortunately for us she was right. Ash has an almost morbid fear of closeness, and love and feelings and anything related. When faced with it her first reaction is to bolt. Especially when confronted about it. It’s always best to not push her and let her profess whatever it is she’s feeling toward you in her on time. Trust me I know.”

Spencer shook her head.

Aiden took a deep breath before revealing, “I know because I was where you are now.”

Spencer’s eyes went wide. “You were with Ash?”

“Yes, a long, long time ago. We were kids and in love, or I thought we were. I don’t doubt she loved me, but she was never in love with me. Either way, it took her years to even be able to say it, let alone show me. She just doesn’t know how. The closest I’ve ever seen her to true, head over heels in love was I thought with Angel. But I promise you its nothing compared to how she is with you.”

“How do you know that? You’ve never seen us alone. You don’t know how she is with me when no one else is around. So how do you know I’m any more special than you, Angel, or anyone else?”

“Namely, you’re still here. After that mess with Madison, her patience in waiting for your relationship to be over, its obvious its love giving her that strength. She’s been a spoiled rich kid her entire life; Ash waits for no one..but you apparently.”

Spencer felt her heart swell at the prospect of being Ashley’s one true love.  “I should go back in there.” She started for the door.

Aiden quickly grabbed her arm. “No, you can’t.”

“Why not? If she really loves me I should tell her I feel the same way so she doesn’t get spooked.”

“You have to let her adjust to you knowing. And she has to deal with Angel in her own way. Angel is here for a reason. We have to allow Ash to find out what it is and make a choice on whether or not she’s willing to give it to her.”

“What if I don’t want her to choose? She should choose me. If she loves me it’s an easy choice.”

“Not if she’s never been sure. She didn’t have closure with Angel, she just left. If you don’t allow her to explore what it is she had compared to what she has then she’ll always wonder what if. That’s never healthy for a relationship.”

Spencer slowly calmed her breathing and considered all of what Aiden was saying. It was a lot to handle before 9 A.M.

“So now we wait?” Spencer wanted to be sure.

“We wait.”

“Aiden, do you mind if I take you up on that bed offer? Suddenly I’m exhausted.

He laughed before saying, “Sure.”

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