Hi Guys,

I keep getting inquiries about Rush Book 3, and rightfully so. Here’s the scoop:

For some time I just wasn’t interested in the story, meaning I wasn’t feeling inspired and it’s better to leave your story alone than to half ass it.

When I became inspired and set about organizing my files, the hard drive on my computer went kaput. Book 3 is about 35% complete, however, I need to take my hard drive to a specialist to get the files extracted.

That expense along with the daily expenses of a freelance writer means more time has passed and no work has been done on Book 3. I may start a Kickstarter or GoFundMe in the near future to jump start this project.

Anyway, I apologize to my fans that have been waiting literally years for me to finish this story. I hear and understand your frustration and I am striving to get moving on this ASAP. Just bare with me a little bit longer and I promise you will have something spectacular!