If several International TV Fandom Tours are any indication, it’s clear that I’m not a huge fan of web series’. I don’t have a single reason why. It’s mostly production value that sticks in my craw. Writing, actors, and story fall in next, maybe not in that particular order. There are some decent ones, however, if you’re willing to put in the leg work. Luckily, I’ve done some for you.

Here’s the rundown!


Easily the best production value you’ll see on the web, this series is both funny and heartfelt. The characters ring true enough and the situations are familiar without being trite or stale.


With an average production value, I think the story is the draw here. I really enjoy a nice girl meets girl story with a sappy happy ending.

Between Women

Drama, drama, drama! The production value of this web series gets better with time. It has dramatic moments, funny moments, and still takes the time to address serious issues within the lesbian community.

LSB: The Series

This Italian series caught my attention mostly due to the cultural element. I like to see how lesbians elsewhere go about their “biz.” It’s also funny and engaging with a decent production value that escalates with time.

Starting From…Now

Starting From Now’s production value is second only to Disengaged. This Aussie romantic drama focuses heavily on the emotional entanglements of a very small cast. The tight-knit group really allows this series to explore intimate relationships more closely.

NY Girls

As a former NY girl myself, watching this series is like taking a trip home. Again, be patient, the production value does get better with time. Funny and issue conscious, both the situations and the characters ring true.

That’s it for now. What are you watching?

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