New 13-Episode Series Of Steamy Lesbian Romance

Finally, a sexy romance series that directly targets the lesbian community; Branding Her is a steamy lesbian romance series spread over 13 episodes and 5 bonus stories by Northern Ireland author Alex B Porter.

The series follows Kaylee, single mom who moves to Boston, starts a new job and meets Alexis, her superior at work. They quickly embark on a secret relationship that gets steamier and more carnal as the series progresses, often touching a little ’50 Shades’. Each episode is short bite-size story designed to be dipped into or binged Netflix-style. The series is presented over 6 books which are available on Amazon Kindle, paperback and Audible audiobook format.

Branding Her is aimed at lesbian, bisexual and curious women who are looking for an erotic romance that spans more than a few books. The series contains 13 episodes and 5 bonus stories which follow a new relationship and yes, it contains a lot of sex. Good sex!” – Alex B Porter.

Porter goes on to say that she’s new to writing and decided to start the series as she found it difficult to find stories she and her partner could relate to. “I guess the idea was to create a number of short pre-bedtime stories that were loving and erotic, yet happening within a relationship that the reader could get to know. When I set out I didn’t expect to write 13 episodes, but it felt wrong to stop any sooner.”

Branding Her Excerpt:

“Suddenly, Alex was kissing her, slow but unyielding, in the middle of the street and in broad daylight. Kaylee closed her eyes, the rest of the world fading away until there was only Alex’s lips brushing against hers. She responded fervently, moving closer so that their bodies pressed together. When at last she broke the kiss, Alex smiled sweetly and continued walking, as if nothing at all had happened.”

Giveaway: Win the full Branding Her series

A sweepstake-style contest is running to win the entire Branding Her series (6 winners will be chosen). Enter here: Entries are open until July 17th meanwhile you can read the first two episodes for free via Amazon.


The first book in the series (episodes 1&2) is available as a free ebook on all major platforms and the second book is priced at $0.99, available on Amazon and also as part of a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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