MERAKI’s Leading Lesbian Is Anything But A Typical Comic Book Hero

A new comic book series with Greek gods and gay heroes launches second Kickstarter campaign.

San Diego, California: MERAKI, a comic series featuring LGBT heroes announced that they will be launching a second Kickstarter to fund issue 1 of their 12-issue epic story adventure. After successfully fulfilling MERAKI: Descent to the Underworld, the comic returns to Kickstarter April 10, 2017 through May 10, 2017.

Our story follows Psi’s dark journey through the barren lands of Balen. MERAKI’s writer and creator M.K. Palmer said “Psi is cunning, brave and skillful, but she isn’t perfect. Psi suffers from PTSD from a violent childhood, which we touched upon in Descent to the Underworld. As we continue our story Psi struggles against outer conflict as much as her inner conflict.”

This 22-page high-quality, full-color, limited-edition comic book.  Minh Hằng returns as the artist and colorist. Her art style beautifully brings the world of MERAKI to life.

“It is important to represent the LGBT community in fiction. My characters are gay, but that is only one part of them. They each have positive and negative traits that make them human. They are loyal, selfish, forgiving, and vengeful. It is my hope that the theme and characters resonate with all! After all, a good story, is a good story,” said Palmer.

Make Issue #1 of the MERAKI series a reality here and pick up a physical or downloadable copy of the first two issues. More information about MERAKI is available here.