CJ Reid is a small business owner, and former NYC resident, currently living in the Los Angeles area. A long time fan fiction writer, 2012 marked her debut to full-length novels.

A Graduate of Hofsta University, Reid has obtained a Bachelors degree in Political Science and a Master’s degree in Communications. With an emphasis on interpersonal communication, Reid’s writing style can be described as highly engaging and heartfelt.

She and her partner of ten years enjoy kayaking and antique shopping. When not working on her LGBTQ greeting card company she is dreaming up crazy situations to write her friends and family into.                                         

Fun Facts:

~Vegetarian [pescetarian]
~In the process of reducing my use of plastics
~Actively trying to reduce my carbon footprint
~In a relationship for over ten years
~Kayak enthusiast
~Terrible at snowboarding yet I try annually
~Pseudonyms: Vibes, VisualVibes


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