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CJ Reid
9781477594957, $7.99,

The thrill of the race, going against the law where one mistake could be fatal. “Rush: SR Chronicles” is the first book in CJ Reid’s novel of dirty street racing, following Dylan Kelly, a Midwestern girl diving into the underground world of the Femme Fatles Racing Club. Competing in the club not only for position but for dominance, “Rush: SR Chronicles” is worth considering for those who like thrillers set amongst fast cars and allure that sits behind them. Also to be considered from CJ Reid is the sequel, “Rush: California Nights” (9781479378944, $7.99) following Dylan Kelly’s continued adventures in the racing club.




Date:  October 18, 2012

Contact:  CJ Reid

RUSH is back!

Book two explores endless California Nights.

New York, NY – CJ Reid announces the release of her sophomore novel entitled RUSH Book Two: California Nights ( ISBN:  1479378941). The book has been published worldwide in English eBook and paperback formats, which becomes available October 20, 2012.

Dylan “Goldie” Kelly and the women of the Femme Fatales street racing club are back! Catch up with the ladies of Double F in this action packed second installment. Ride with them as they traverse the streets of Los Angeles and its endless California Nights.

“I wanted book two to really explore Dylan’s life as it is now,” Reid says. She went on to say that, “Dylan’s training, while never complete, is now waning. She’s been inducted and now she’s transitioning from her life as it is to her life how it could be.”

Buckle your seat belts, as you get ready for a wild ride filled with fast cars and beautiful women.  You’ll be kept on the edge of your seat as she constantly surprises the reader with erotic, suspense filled pages. RUSH Book Two: California Nights is the second book in the three part Speed Series and promises not to disappoint.

RUSH Book Two and all other literary works, news and updates for CJ Reid can be found at, or Also follow on Facebook @ or on Google Plus @ CJ Reid.

RUSH Book One: SR Chronicles              Interoffice Fraternization

By CJ Reid (Jun 12, 2012)                          By CJ Reid (Jul 9, 2012)

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Date:  June 11, 2012

Contact:  CJ Reid

The wait is finally over!

CJ Reid announces her debut novel.

New York, NYRUSH Book One (ISBN: 1477594957) is slated to be published worldwide in English, June 12, 2012. RUSH can be found in eReader formats for Amazon, Kindle; Barnes & Noble, Nook; Kobo and paperback. A long time fan fiction writer, RUSH is Reid’s first highly anticipated full-length novel.

This self-published, lesbian romance caters to the LGBTQ community directly. Reid’s work places an emphasis on a woman’s ability to excel in a field predominantly dominated by men.

Drawing experience from a brief stint as a street racer Reid says, “Dylan’s use of speed and control is an experience very similar to my own.” She goes on to explain, “Racing isn’t just about being the fastest, it’s about being the one in the most control of their faculties. In Dylan’s case taking control of her car is a substitute for the lack of control she has in her life.”

The first book in this three part Speed Series, RUSH Book One depicts Dylan’s journey of discovery through the world she lives in and more importantly of herself. Set in modern day Los Angeles, RUSH is a fast paced and quick-witted tale of love, danger and adventure.

CJ Reid is a small business owner currently living in the NYC area. She has obtained a Masters in Communications from Hofstra University and is currently working full time as a writer.

RUSH and all other literary works, news and updates for CJ Reid can be found at, or Also follow on Facebook @ or on Google Plus @ CJ Reid.


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