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11 Most Common LGBT Fan Fiction Writing Mistakes

Just a few quick tips to take your writing to the next level. Have any to add? Let me know in the comments!

  1. Goes Without Saying

Certain details should be written out, others make themselves known within the dialog, and then there are the details that are just common sense.


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Op Ed: R.I.P Gay TV?

It’s well documented that LGBT+ supporting cast members are on the rise on television (see: A Lesbian’s Lament-Reloaded). Gay and lesbian leads, however, seem to be on the decline. I’m a bit late, so this isn’t breaking news, but MTV’s, Faking It has been cancelled.

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Op Ed: Wells Fargo Ad

I am not a fan of banks. If you do even basic research into any major bank’s history you’ll find it to be steeped in a terribly amoral foundation. I do not for a second believe that advertisements reflect a companies true value system, but rather the ads used carry out their core purpose which is to attract new customers.

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Op Ed: It happened! (Clarina): Updated 8/4/14

There has been a LGBT battle going on in Brazil. This country has always been strange dichotomy of very traditional Christian values and ostentatiously liberal lifestyles. Brazil’s business owners and political figures have taken a stance, and from the looks of it that stance has been against the LGBT community.

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Op-Ed: Trans Actors/Actresses In Hollywood

I’ve happened upon several articles all posing the same question of casting actual trans actors/actresses in trans roles. Having read opinions on both sides of the aisle, one being trans actors should indeed play trans roles and the other being to do so would pigeonhole them solely to those roles, I thought it best to throw my view on the already precarious heep.

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Op-Ed: A Thin Line Between Representative And Inappropriate

I’m noticing a disturbing trend in LGBT film and television, in particular lesbian film and TV. That trend is either implied or overt pedophilia in romantic character pairings.

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Op-Ed: A Lesbian’s Lament – Reloaded

This is an article I posted a couple weeks back, but I wanted to expend on it. I also want to stretch my article writing legs a bit. Let me know what you think, please. I will have another article along this same vein posted soon as well.

Read, enjoy, comment


There is no denying the increasing presence of LGBT characters in television. According to GLAAD’s Where We Are on TV Report: 2012-2013 Season, in the past five years the presence of lesbian characters on network television shows has more than doubled. Continue reading “Op-Ed: A Lesbian’s Lament – Reloaded”

Op-Ed: Mistresses: A Lesbians Lament


So I’m watching season one episode eleven of the US adaptation of Mistresses as we speak. I’m so annoyed to be seeing what it is I knew would happen all along. I know, counterproductive, but hell I’m human! I’ve watched the UK version of this show, which I do prefer, but the adaptation has been good about changing the plot points so I figured it was worth watching.

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Op-Ed: Must See!

Hi guys!

I know I’ve been MIA as of late. I have several stories that need to be updated and I’m sorry for that. I’m still getting adjusted to my new life in California. But I did want to endorse this wonderful British television series called Hit & Miss. Its stars the drool worthy Chloë Sevigny who plays a male to female transgender hit woman. Just that description alone makes you want to watch it, doesn’t it!? You can read the full description below. Continue reading “Op-Ed: Must See!”

Op-Ed: Just When You Think Lost Girl Couldn’t Possibly Get Any Gayer…

WARNING: Spoiler Alerts


It does! I don’t know about you, but for me there is NO  bigger time waster than I’m usually on that site looking for something very specific, an hour later I’m still there learning the plot twists to a show I’ve never heard of in the UK. This undoubtedly leads to me rushing off to find it. This by no means is a complaint. That being said, I had the pleasure of coming across a very juicy tidbit that had me squirming with joy hoping my coworkers were too engaged in their own time wasting to notice. I’m going to save my juicy little news for later as I discuss Lost Girl.

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Op Ed: It’s Not A Lesbian (Gay) Movie If…

I’m in the process of moving across the country so I haven’t had time for any story updates, however, me venting about my pet peeves doesn’t take more than  few moments. As I continue my international tour of mostly lesbian, but also gay television, I find myself encountering a reoccurring theme. This theme has me seething in anger by the time the credits roll so I think its time I address it.


The following is my list for all you viewers, writers, directors, critics, etc. Maybe if the LGBT community starts speaking out more in regard to our entertainment content then it will be a better reflection of the actual community. With that being said…

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