Jane and Maura’s breakdown in 4 stages.

Rating: PG  Chapters: 3  Pairing: J/M  Status: In Progress

For All I Know

For every one thing that Jane knows about herself and Maura, she discovers there is far more that she doesn’t.

Rating: PG-R   Chapters: 12   Pairing: J/M   Status: Complete

Latvian Gambit

Maura is attracted to intelligence. Who knew Jane was so smart?

Rating: PG-NC17   Chapters: 3   Pairing: J/M   Status: Complete

Thoughts and Conversations on the Journey to Love

My take on the aftermath of the season 2 finale. A series of short stories. Rating will vary, please watch for changes.

Rating: PG-NC17   Chapters: 5   Pairing: J/M   Status: Complete

One Shot (Short Stories)

Remember That One Time

Just a one shot that struck me in the night.

Rating: PG-13      Chapters: 1     Pairing: J/M

Try Before You Buy

Slightly AU. Maura is in need and Jane is the only woman for the job.

Rating: M     Chapters: 1     Pairing: J/M

The Cabin

Tired and in need of relaxation, Maura takes Jane to a special place that becomes special to them both.

Rating: M     Chapters: 1     Pairing: J/M

The Cabin 2

Add-on to The Cabin

Rating:  M     Chapters: 1     Pairing: J/M


Jane seeks peace and finds it in an unexpected place. One shot.

Rating: T     Chapters: 1     Pairing: J/M

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